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Rhoback Scores Big: A Winning Lineup of Top College Football Stars

By Jake Krieger

Brands of every shape and size are flocking to the NIL space to grow throughout the college market. But this brand is built on being young and looking good. Rhoback is an activewear company that prides itself on being youthful, living in the moment, and having that “tounge-out-the-window” feeling that a dog might have. Their genuine mission through their clothing is what makes wearing their clothes so much more worthwhile. Their work with notable college stars such as Jalen Milroe, Kyle McCord, Nick Singleton, Cade Klubnik, and Audric Estime stands to show the genuine character of these athletes.

Rhoback’s Rhoback U is a football-based NIL program that features some of the most electric college football stars from some of the largest programs in the game today. They’ve begun the process to grow past football and include other sports such as basketball and lacrosse as well. But there is a huge focus on making sure that through their partnership with these athletes, it is more than just public figures wearing branded clothing. Rhoback is looking to help develop and grow the brand of young athletes through their social media presence. Athletes with much larger on-field presence sometimes struggle to tap into the athlete-creator side of their content and Rhoback is poised to help shift that theory.

Most of the content that Rhoback creates is focused on showing their athletes in a different light than the competitors that we typically see on the field. Some of their content series like Quick Ones, a rapid-fire question show, or On The Move, a storytelling series that focuses on compelling stories their athletes can share. These pieces of content are solely focused on shedding new light on their athletes and humanizing their experiences.

Rhoback, as mentioned earlier, is continuing to grow throughout the NIL space in areas where they feel their market is most well represented. For example, starting in football and basketball is based around what most college fans might wear to a game whether it is a Rhoback polo or quarter zip, there’s certainly overlap in markets. Their growth is continuous as a popular brand amongst college-aged people.

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