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Meet Meechie “Bald Head” Terry | Athlete Spotlight

By Owen Lyons

When you think of an athlete-creator, Meechie “Bald Head” Terry needs to come to mind. The Cleveland State University basketball alum has taken his unique look and created a distinct brand from it. Rising to fame from the viral highlights of locking up LaMelo Ball, Meechie has steadily gained popularity. Follow along as we explore Meechie’s journey into social media fame.

Taking advantage of his viral moment guarding LaMelo Ball, Terry quickly embraced social media to build his personal brand. His mix of one-on-one basketball videos, along with comedic sketches poking fun at his “bald head,” has taken off, making him one of the top basketball athlete-creators in the game right now.

Creating content came naturally to Meechie. Combining his love for basketball with his natural creative ability, Terry has been able to grow his platform over the years. Boasting over 111 thousand followers on Instagram, 342 thousand followers on TikTok, 12 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and finally, 22 thousand followers on Snapchat, Meechie is a standout.

After his time at Cleveland State, Meechie has become a full-time content creator. He stars in pro-am competitions across the country and collaborates with other basketball content creators. Creating his apparel line “Bald Fam” was the first step in his entrepreneurial endeavors; Meechie is ready to take his brand to the moon!

Meechie Terry truly is changing the game of content creation, leveraging his virality to create a loyal fanbase that genuinely supports him. Make sure to pay close attention to “Bald Fam” as he is poised to continue to grow over the next few years. Meechie “Bald Head” Terry, everyone—the future of basketball content creation.


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