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Fueling the Feed: How Makenzie Steele Cooks Up a Storm of Health and Fitness Inspiration

By Owen Lyons

Clemson’s own Makenzie Steele is racing ahead, not just on the cross-country track, but on social media too, dishing out health-conscious cookie recipes and a dash of culinary finesse. Merging her twin passions for endurance running and cooking, Makenzie has carved out her niche in the landscape of online healthy cooking. She's more than a creator; she's a community cultivator, bringing together foodies and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Her journey into the digital content realm began amidst the quiet of the pandemic. With time as her ally, Makenzie began sharing her homemade cooking ventures, quickly garnering thousands of followers who were drawn not just to her recipes, but to her authentic self. As she donned the Clemson University colors, her following grew, eager for a glimpse into the life of a student-athlete. Enter the world of daily vlogs and engaging voiceovers.

With a following of over forty thousand on Instagram (@goodfoodgoodrun) and twenty-three thousand on TikTok (@goodfoodgoodrun), Makenzie's authentic charm is what truly sets her apart. She's the real deal: a compassionate athlete whose social media persona is a true reflection of her off-screen self, blending her love for nutrition and athletics.

Calling McKenzie busy is an understatement. Juggling Division I cross-country, academics, and a thriving role as a content creator, she's redefining what it means to be dedicated. "Since I really enjoy making these videos for Instagram and TikTok, I always find time in my schedule to make them," says Makenzie. “While doing my homework, I constantly think, the sooner I finish this, the sooner I can do what I really want to do.” Makenzie’s dedication to both her athletics and content creation is what has made her into one of the top athlete-creators today.

In an NIL landscape where high-profile sports often dominate, Makenzie's leveraged her creative storytelling and loyal social following to secure brand deals. She's a testament to the fact that you don't need to be at the top of the draft pick to make an impact.

Makenzie's advice to aspiring athlete-creators is as straightforward as her approach: "Find your passion outside your sport to share. Everyone has highlights and media day photos to share; find what makes you special." Her strategy is all about consistency and the courage to hit 'post,' proving that sometimes, the simplest tools are all you need to craft a story that resonates.

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