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From Walk-On to Social Media Star: Clifford Taylor IV Athlete Spotlight

By Owen Lyons

If you heard the story of Clifford Taylor IV's rise to stardom, you would shake your head and not believe it. But it is true; Clifford really is that dude. Growing up playing basketball, Taylor IV attended the University of Florida in hopes of walking on to the basketball team. Eventually, not making the team is where his real journey begins. Playing intramural football led him to try out for the football team where he eventually made it, and so began his career as an athlete-creator.

Content creation came naturally to Taylor IV. "I was always coming up with ideas, whether it was while I was sleeping or at practice; I was always thinking," said Taylor IV. His natural ability to create engaging content that resonates with his fans led to his teammates coining the nickname "TikTok." These nicknames and jokes didn't sway Taylor IV from his passion; he continued on, eventually earning jobs with the Los Angeles Rams and the NBA, creating content for each organization.

It wasn't until Taylor IV decided to go off on his own and create his own personal content and brand that he truly gained traction. Boasting over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, 1.2 million followers on TikTok, 140 thousand subscribers on Snapchat, and 20 thousand subscribers on YouTube. You could say Clifford Taylor IV is killing it.

Taylor IV understands the importance of differentiating his content. "I enjoy all sports, whether it's lacrosse, football, or baseball; I create content about things I love," Taylor IV explained. This is what sets him apart from others: authenticity. Clifford Taylor IV is one of the most authentic people you will ever meet. Who you see on camera is the real Clifford Taylor IV. Taking the time to specifically shout out his agent Michael Raymond (Founder of Raymond Representation), "A game changer, lifesaver, all the above," are the words Clifford used to describe his agent.

When asked what it means to be an Athlete-Creator, Taylor IV explains, "It means being able to show yourself not only as an athlete but also as a human being... for example, everyone knows I play football and basketball, yet nobody knows I love to play the piano; I'm an old soul." This is one of the best parts of the age of the athlete-creator: being able to show that you are more than just an athlete.

On the business side of things, Taylor IV has worked with the largest brands in the world. Signing deals and creating content for brands like Under Armour, Wendy's, Wilson, and much more. These deals serve as justification for all the hard work and dedication Clifford Taylor IV has put in over the years, making him the Out2Win Athlete-Creator Spotlight of the week.

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