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Brand Spotlight: Accelerator Active Energy

By Jake Krieger

In the dynamic playing field of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) endorsements, Accelerator Active Energy is making strategic moves that are as energizing as their products. Out2Win sat down with the brand and met one of it’s team members who’s played a role with it’s exciting NIL partnerships, Zach Schotz, Director of Social Media and Content at Accelerator. You've seen them alongside sports titans like Travis Kelce, Aaron Judge, and Jalen Hurts. Now, they're amping up their game in the athlete-creator marketing domain, teaming up with power players Olivia Dunne and Deestroying.

Dunne, a phenomenon in her own league, and Deestroying, a force on the digital front, have made waves as influencers. Yet, their collaboration with Accelerator isn't just about the spotlight. They're channeling their influence into a powerful current that flows back into the NIL space. The Livvy Fund, spearheaded by Dunne, is a pioneering initiative aimed at boosting the brand-building prowess of female athletes at LSU. Through her partnership with Accelerator, Dunne is not just securing deals; she's forging a legacy that empowers her fellow athletes, with Accelerator lending its support to those under her wing.

Deestroying, a former UCF standout, isn't far behind. With a keen eye for talent and a playbook of strategies, he's curated a team of athlete creators who are much more than their stats. With standouts like Roman Wilson, Colton Boomer, and KeAndre Lambert-Smith in his lineup, Deestroying's team mirrors the diversity and drive that Accelerator embodies.

Accelerator's playbook is clear: quality trumps quantity. It's not about how many followers the athletes have, but about the authenticity and creativity they bring to the table. Their mission? To infuse the "better for you" active energy into every facet of life, resonating with an ethos that celebrates the best in each individual. It's evident that the brand is not just creating endorsements; it's catalyzing a movement. A movement that elevates the game of athlete creators, ensuring that the content is not just seen but felt, not just followed but lived.

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