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Making Content


Scheduling is the best way to avoid burnout while making content for social media



- Save trending audio

- Write out Reel ideas

- Write short scripts for ideas



- Go where you need to be to film

- Capture your content for the week



- Go through all your videos

- Edit on CapCut

- Add voice overs / background music

- Save drafts to post



- Post throughout the week

- Engage with comment section



- Find a well lit area

- Have the light facing you whenever possible

- For better lighting: see optional products


- When recording audio, try to be in a quiet area

- For better audio: see optional products

Visual Hooks (beginning of video)

- Use a cool CapCut transition at the start of video to pull viewer in

- Make first shot in video eye-catching

Verbal Hooks (beginning of video)

- "Do you want to know how to..."

- "Have you ever wondered..."

- "What if I told you..."

- "You'll never believe THIS..."

- "3 hacks to make THIS so much easier..."

Call-to-Action (end of video)

- "...follow for more"

- "...lmk what you think"

- "...go do THIS yourself"

  • Edit

    • Umms / pauses

      • Speaking videos: cut out most umms / pauses. Laughter is fine and shows personality

    • Length

      • Aim for under 60 seconds per video

    • Captions

      • Types of captions you can use

        • One more thing

          • Add one more bit of info to the content you might have missed in the content

        • Restate the point

          • Write what the purpose of the content was again

        • Explainer

          • Go in-depth about the topic of your content (steps to do it, my story behind it, etc)

        • Call to action / ask a question

          • Use this for your…

          • Follow me for more…

          • This is how I do it. How do you do it?

          • Do you agree?

          • Lmk if you have more questions

          • If you have any questions, ask in the comments

    • Background music

      • Match the vibe to whatever you’re talking about

      • Speaking videos: Make sure to lower the volume enough so you can hear yourself speak

    • Native features

      • TT:

        • Edit in capcut, but add background music after from the TT library

        • Use in-app text-on-screen for trends

        • Use “cover and add text” before posting

    • Cover photo

      • Choose best frame from video for cover

  • After posting

    • Don’t get discouraged

    • Commenting

      • Double your comments

      • Take inspiration from comments for future content

  • Hashtag consistency

    • Use 4-6 (TW 1-2) relevant hashtags related to what you’re posting about

      • CHAT: I'm a [gender] [sport] [player/nothing] at [school] posting on social media about [be detailed]. What are 6 hashtags I should use. Don't list them with numbers, just put the hashtags right next to each other

  • Likes / comments on

    • Best way for brands to vet you before working with you

    • Motivates you to run the numbers up and grow your audience

  • Posting frequency

    • Low

      • Reels - 2x week

      • TT - 3x week

    • Medium

      • Reels - 4x week

      • TT - 7x week

    • Best

      • Reels - 7x week

      • TT - 4x day

  • Best times to post

    • Reminders (IG/TT/YTS/TW)

  • Cross posting

    • TT to IG: post your best performing TT content on IG

    • IG to TT: post all your IG reels on your TT

    • IG to YTS: post all your IG reels on your YTS


Social Media Strategy

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